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~~~ Guests Please Read ~~~
« on: March 31, 2011, 01:34:49 AM »
Guest, you are welcome to browse the contents of this site, however if you wish to contribute and be heard you must register.
You may register by contacting, may we suggest that you use your Christian name followed by a dash and then the first letter of your surname.

i.e. Felicity-S or Mathew_P or any other ID that takes your fancybut please remember that others have to address you by that ID in reply posts so dont make it to hard for them

That is just a suggestion of course and you are free to use any user ID that you desire.
You will be required to use a STRONG password to protect your identity; it must consist of at least one capital character, at least one lowercase character and at least one numeric character. Some special characters can be used as well.

i.e. pEteBog2, *2001Jt, Gullible*55 and so on

You must register with a valid email address because you will be required to activate your account.

Registration only requires that you have a valid email address. No other details are collected by this site, your email address is secure and not accessible by any one except the site administrator and will not under any circumstances be divulged to anyone, including courts or government agencies.

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