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Author Topic: “The Marriage Plebiscite in Australia: a bad and discriminatory idea”  (Read 364 times)


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The Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG is hosting a public lecture where he will discuss his thoughts and invites "us" to share ours.

These are his views, do you agree?

"In this lecture, The Hon Michael Kirby will explain why the Marriage Plebiscite, proposed by
the Federal Government, is an undesirable initiative. Judge Kirbys’ view is that
“It would discriminate needlessly against a minority, interposing a new, unique and special
requirement before securing the vote in Federal Parliament.
It would diminish Parliament and make the basic rights of LGBTIQ people subject to the
vote of the majority of citizens in direct campaign likely to be damaging and brutal.
Australia is a representative not a populist democracy and there are good reason
why our Constitution so provided.”
Join us to share your thoughts on this proposed government initiative"
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Kirby, has injected himself into the Family Law Act on at least one previous occasion with detrimental effects. The silly old bugger should just fade away with grace  >:D
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